Wedding Planning Tips from an Event Florist

Did you recently get engaged? Are you starting to plan your wedding and feeling a little bit overwhelmed? Do not worry you are not alone! I too was a little overwhelmed planning my own wedding. Planning a wedding should be fun. You are getting to celebrate with your friends and family on the best day. Once I found the best vendors for my wedding the stress quickly went away.

When picturing a wedding you think back to all the posts you've seen on social media where there are tons of photographs of beautiful flowers. Most of the elegant floral arrangements you see are designed by professional florists. That sounds great and all. But what if you do not even know what it is like to work with a professional florist? Here are some tips below from a professional event florist to help you on your wedding planning.

Tip #1 Work with you florist to create a custom theme that refelects your personality and style.

Your wedding day is all about you and your soon to be spouse. So it is super important that your personality be found in the florals you have on display at your wedding. Communicate with your local florist to create a wedding theme that matches your personality and style. Things like your wedding colors (pinks and whites) and the theme (elegant, rustic, romantic, etc.) of your wedding will play a major role in the florist who will design the beautiful floral arrangements.

Tip #2 communicate exactly what the colors of your wedding and the types of flowers you prefer.

It is super important that you communicate with your florist on the colors of your wedding and the type of flowers you prefer. And for the types of flowers you do not want. I always ask my clients to send over inspirational photographs that they have found that they want their florals to be similar too. I do recommend being open to suggestions as well. Florists will know what flowers are in depending on the season and which flowers will compliment each other.

Tip #3 Make sure to book your florist in plenty of time so they can order your flowers and plan for your wedding day.

It is always a good part of wedding planning to book your florist in plenty of time so they can order flowers and plan for you wedding. Many hours of preparation go in to executing a wedding day for a florist. Most florist recommend booking four months to six months out from your wedding date. Now it totally depends on the time of year and the date of your wedding. Your florist will typically let you know when to book them in your initial consultation.

Tip #4 Discuss budget restricitions with your florist so you can work together to create a Plan that fits your budget.

That is one of the top questions you will get from a florist. What is your wedding date and what is your floral budget. Be upfront with your florist on what type of funds that you have available. Do not forget to factor in your flower budget into your total wedding budget. Also keep in mind the Pinterest or Instagram worthy photographs of large floral arrangements are quite expensive. Be open to suggestions. Florists work with flowers daily and know which flowers can be great to fit in your budget.

Tip #5 Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather or other unforseen circumstances.

Always always always have a backup plan when planning a wedding. Especially if the ceremony or reception is outside. Florists know what type of temperatures and weather flowers can handle. Remember that not everything will go according to YOUR plan. And that is totally OKAY. As a florist I have been outside setting up flowers on an arch on a beautiful sunshine day. Minutes before the ceremony a huge storm rolled in. I am proud to say the flowers with only a few blowing away were able to withstand the storm. Just goes to show you to trust your vendors to make your wedding day go smoothly even in the event of a random rain storm.

Last but not least make sure to RELAX and ENJOY your wedding day! Enjoy yourselves and do not sweat the small stuff. Seriously everything will be totally fine. You will get married to your best friend and get to party with friends and family. Congrats to the newly engaged couples! I hope these tips are helpful as you begin planning your own wedding. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and begin designing your dream wedding florals.

Thanks for reading!

Many blessing for your wedding day!

Haley Hastings